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Combine our experience and expertise in building simulators with your unique idea for a bespoke solution.

Turnkey Simulators

Our built to order simulators are a turnkey solution. Built, delivered and installed in your home or office, ready to use.

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Welcome to Turnkey Simulators. We build high-end racing simulators to suit a range of budgets and technical requirements.

We have extensive experience designing, building, installing and supporting customers with their simulators.

Our simulators are built to order then delivered and installed in your home by one of our experienced engineers.

Turnkey is all about customer service and support. Our service is aimed at customers who want to race their simulator not build them and configure them.

All our simulators come with 12 months support. Whatever the issue we are here to help. We don’t expect our customers to be computer scientists or engineers. We can connect remotely to your simulator and work through any issues.

Choose from one of our pre-configured purpose-built simulators, configure your own online, or speak to us about a bespoke build.

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